A lot of people have no idea what is a CMOS battery. If you are looking for some information about this specific motherboard part, then this article is for you.

A CMOS Battery is also known as a motherboard battery, and it serves a unique purpose. This page is going to focus on the purpose of such battery. The page will also cover other few things such as how you may remove such battery and other tips that may come in handy.

It is difficult to discuss what CMOS battery is if you do not know what a CMOS is in the first place. A CMOS acts similarly to a RAM. It will store information that at are related to the BIOS. Whenever you restart or power-on your computer, the motherboard is able to retrieve all the necessary BIOS information through the CMOS. The subject of CMOS is entirely a different one, and you can find a lot information pertaining to it if you are interested.

So what is the connection between CMOS and CMOS battery? Keep in mind that BIOS information is very important for the motherboard, and it is stored in the CMOS RAM. The main purpose of the CMOS battery is to provide power for the CMOS RAM even if the system power is off. This way, you have all your BIOS information at all times.

If you motherboard did not have this kind of battery, you will have to setup you BIOS every time you turn it on since a complete power shut down will result to a BIOS reset. If the battery is not working, your computer will still function, but everything will be lost every time you reset including the date and time, boot order and other essential information.

As you may have read, this little battery proves to be very essential for normal computer functioning. Because of this, you will have to replace it, as soon as possible, if it dies and it will die-off sooner or later. Fortunately, you can buy a new one in your local electronic store or some supermarkets. They will only set you back for a couple of dollars.

Replacing the battery is very simple. All you need to do is locate the battery, press the little silver thing in its back, and it will release the battery. Replace the battery and simply push it back to lock it in place.

As a quick trick that might prove very useful in the future. You are able to reset the CMOS password by removing the battery.